Avenue C Productions, A Creative Partner (cont.)

Many of our clients are socially-conscious organizations and companies dedicated to feeding the human spirit. Among these, many are not-for-profits, with operating budgets drawn largely from private and institutional donations.

Not all of our clients are out to save the world, but all are making a contribution in one way or another.

We believe that life without art would be no life at all, that art feeds the human spirit and makes us more aware of who we are. So with great joy we have served a number of prominent cultural organizations, including the Big Apple Circus and Lincoln Center, and produced for them marketing materials for major events and use behind the scenes.

Most recently, we have served an industry that may not be out to save the world—or our souls —but makes a critical contribution to the residents of New York City by providing them with a place to live. The Online Marketing Group called upon Avenue C to create for its clients residential advertising both online and in print, broker blasts and web pages, brochures, signage, large banners for building exteriors, floor plan enhancement, and photo retouching.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done for all of our clients, as well as the strong client relationships we’ve developed in the process. We hope you’ll give us a call when you need expert designers, a marketing partner with a diverse communications background and, most importantly, a firm that listens.