Event Graphics

The gala event is an important fund-raising vehicle for many not-for-profit and cultural organizations. Through the years, we’ve produced invitation packages, e-newsletters, e-vites, presentations, programs, signage, décor and other materials for such events, with the understanding that these affairs must be elegant and inviting enough to warrant the generous prices paid to attend. At the same time...

...we recognize that not-for-profits walk a fine line between impressing their guests and going overboard.

The last thing an organization that relies on donor support wants to do is give the impression that too much of its funding goes toward getting more funding, while being diverted from its higher mission. So, the gala invitation and related materials must capture the theme of the event and project the professionalism of the organization without appearing extravagant or wasteful.

We proudly produce materials, such as those we created for the Big Apple Circus, that are attractive, engaging, and perfectly capture the client’s message, while at the same time, demonstrating its prudent financial stewardship.